Personalized Faux Leather Claw Hair Clips with a Cricut

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Learn how to personalize these trendy Faux Leather Claw Hair Clips with a name using faux leather and a Cricut. These faux leather claw hair clips can be made with the Cricut Maker, Maker 3, Explore Air 2, Explore 3, or even the Cricut Joy.

personalized hair claw clips with girls names

Learn how to Personalize Faux Leather Claw Hair Clips with a Cricut

This project is a follow up to to my earlier post here on how to make simple and fun faux leather hair claw clips with a Cricut. These Faux Leather Claw Hair Clips are so easy to make with a Cricut Maker, Maker 3, Explore Air 2 or Explore 3, or the Cricut Joy.

After I shared that project (and the accompanying YouTube video here), I received so many questions about how these faux leather claw clips could be personalized with custom text or a name.

So in this video I’ll be showing you how to create a personalized name in Cricut Design Space that will perfectly fit these popular hair claw clip blanks. I’ll show you how to curve your text, too, so it’s a perfect fit!

Want to watch a video tutorial instead? Click here or click on the image below!

YouTube video thumbnail image for a tutorial on How to Personalize Faux Leather Hair Claw Clips with a Cricut

How to Personalize Cricut Faux Leather Claw Hair Clips Step by Step

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Materials you’ll need to make Personalized Faux Leather Claw Hair Clips with a Cricut

hair clip with a personalized name with a Cricut machine in the background

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Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Upload the Faux Leather Claw Clip SVG file to Cricut Design Space. We won’t be using the smaller clips for this project, so ungroup the SVGs and delete or hide the smaller shapes.

Step 2: Click on the text tool to add a name or desired text.

Choose a font for your text. I used Keep On Truckin’, a free font here.

Your text will be transformed into the new font.

Adjust the font size and letting spacing as needed.

Step 3: To curve the text to fit the shape of the hair clip, click on the Curve tool and drag the slider until you achieve the desired curvature.

Step 4: Duplicate the text to create a copy for the other side of the hair clip.

Click the MAKE IT button.

Choose “On Mat” for how to load the materials for this project.

Cricut Design Space for making faux leather claw hair clips with a Cricut

Step 5: On the faux leather mat preview, toggle the MIRROR button to ON. Make a note of where to place the materials on your mat in the mat preview screen. Click CONTINUE.

Make sure your text mat is mirrored because heat transfer vinyl names must cut in reverse so they will be correct when pressing.

To cut the faux leather mat: on the Materials Selection screen, choose Faux Leather (Paper Thin) as the material. Choose MORE pressure from the dropdown menu.

To cut the heat transfer vinyl mat: Choose the material setting that best corresponds to your heat transfer vinyl. I’m using the Vinyl setting with Default pressure.

Step 6: Trim a piece of faux leather to a size just larger than the size shown in the mat preview screen.

Place the faux leather pretty side down on a sticky Strong Grip purple mat and tape all around with blue painter’s tape.

Load the mat into the Cricut. Press the C button to begin the cut.

Step 7: When the cut is complete, without unloading the mat, use a sharp tool to lift the edge of the faux leather to check the cut. Repeat if necessary.

On a Maker or Explore machine, repeat the cut by pressing the C button (or the triangle GO button). On a Cricut Joy, repeat the cut by clicking “Rerun” on the screen in Cricut Design Space.

Once the cut is complete, unload the mat and remove the shapes. Trim any fuzzy edges with small scissors as needed.

Step 8: Cut the heat transfer vinyl mat and weed away the excess vinyl.

Step 8: Heat the Cricut Easy Press Mini on the Low setting or set an Easy Press to 265 degrees.

Place the vinyl layer on top of the faux leather layer. Cover both layers with a Teflon sheet, butcher paper, or parchment paper and press for about 10 seconds.

Carefully peel away the vinyl cover sheet. Repeat pressing the second vinyl layer onto the second faux leather layer.

Step 9: Glue the faux leather to each side of the hair claw clip using a thick formula fast drying glue.

Apply glue around the cut out section of the hair claw clip, being careful to avoid getting glue too close to the edges. Then place the faux leather shape onto the glued area and gently press down all over with your fingers.

Repeat on the other side of the claw clip. Allow to dry for a few hours. That’s it!

I hope you’ll enjoy creating Personalized Faux Leather Claw Hair Clips with your Cricut. These make great gifts, too!

Answers to your questions about making Personalized Faux Leather Claw Hair Clips with a Cricut

Q: What setting on a Cricut do I need to cut faux leather?
A: I use the Faux Leather (Paper Thin) setting with “More” pressure to cut faux leather with any of the five current Cricut machines. I use the standard Fine Point Blade and repeat the cut as needed before unloading the mat. For more of my best Tips, Tricks, and secrets to cutting faux leather with a Cricut, check out my blog post here.

Q: What glue is best for making faux leather claw hair clips?
A: There are lots of good glue options for making faux leather claw hair clips, but I recommend two different types. The first is a fabric or craft glue like Beacon Fabri-Tac or Bearly Art Glue. These glues take longer to dry, but it’s easy to reposition the faux leather and wipe up any excess glue. The second type of glue I recommend is a super glue type glue but with a thicker formula, like Loctite Super Glue (Gel Control) or Stick Fast (Thick formula). See the Materials section of this tutorial for links to all of these recommended glues.

Q: How do I get the SVG template for this project?
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personalized hair clips with girls names

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