How to Make Easy Macrame Earrings for Beginners

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multicolored macrame cord wood earrings

Easy Macrame Earrings Step by Step

Do you want to learn how to make trendy and lightweight macrame earrings but you’re not sure what materials you need or how to make them? Wood & macrame earrings in a boho style are so popular, trendy, and lightweight – perfect for summer. If you make DIY jewelry and you want to offer simple macrame earrings to your customers, this tutorial is for you.

I’ll show you how easy it is to make these trendy and colorful boho macrame earrings in just a few simple steps. I’ll also share my answers to the questions you may have like what do you use to make macrame earrings and what do you need to make macrame jewelry – so keep reading!

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Easy Macrame Earrings for Beginners – Materials List

easy macrame earrings DIY for beginners

If you’re wondering what materials you use for macrame earrings, you’ll be happy to know the list of supplies is short and relatively inexpensive. You only need the following materials to make easy macrame earrings for beginners:

  • Macrame Fringe Comb. I got this one from Amazon.
  • Small curved scissors. These are my favorites.
  • Earring hooks – Gold finish hooks here and silver finish hooks here, both from Amazon.
  • 6mm jump rings in gold here and silver here.

Easy Macrame Earrings – PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS

STEP 1 – Cut Macrame Cord

macrame cord for beginner macrame earrings

Cut the macrame cord into 8 inch lengths. I cut two pieces of each of the seven colors. You’ll need 7 pieces of cord for each earring.

STEP 2 – Loop the Macrame Cord around the Wood Earring Component

looping macrame around wood earring component

Fold the macrame cord strand in half. Push the loop down through the earring component hole. Then thread the two tails through the loop and pull tight.

folding macrame cord through earring component
looping macrame earring cord through wood earring
macrame earring cord pulled tight

Repeat with the other macrame cord strands. Be sure to push the loop through the wood earring in the same direction each time so all of the loops will line up the right way.

adding macrame cord to earrings
macrame cord earring DIY

Repeat with the other wooden earring blank.

Step 3 – Tease Out the Fringe

Using the macrame comb, start at the bottom of the fringe and gently brush out the cord into fringe-y strands. Continue brushing until all the cord on both earrings is fluffed and fringe-y.

brushing out macrame cord

Step 4 – Trim the Fringe to Size

Using small curved scissors or sharp craft scissors, trim the fringe to the desired length on both earrings.

trimming macrame earrings with fringe
macrame earrings with trimmed fringe

Step 5 – Attach the Earring Hooks

To finish off these easy macrame earrings for beginners , all you need are earring hooks, small jump rings, and two pairs of flat nose pliers.

earring hooks and jump ring

The first step is to turn the bottom loops on the fishhook earrings 90 degrees so the earrings will hang correctly. 

To turn the earring hook, grip the bottom loop firmly with flat nose pliers.

turning earring hook loop with pliers

Then hold the earring hook between your thumb and forefinger to keep it from turning or twisting. Then twist the pliers 90 degrees to turn the earring loop.

turning earring hook loop with pliers

For more instructions about this process, visit my post about how to make earrings hang straight here.

Using two pairs of flat nose pliers, open a 6mm jump ring.

opening a jump ring with pliers

Slide the wood and resin earring blank onto the jump ring. Then add the earring hook, being sure the hook is facing the right direction. Then use two pair of flat nose pliers to close the jump ring again.

attaching earring hook to macrame earrings

That’s it!

Macrame Earrings for Beginners in assorted colors

Do you love these colorful and summery boho macrame earrings as much as I do? If you plan to make these earrings yourself, I would love to see your simple macrame earrings. Please share a photo of them in the comments, or tag me on Instagram: @amyromeucreative

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colorful macrame and wood earrings

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  1. There is no link to your shop for the wood earring blanks

  2. With only one loop, do the fringes stay in place? I’m worried they will come untied.

    1. Thanks for your comment! You can always apply a small dab of glue inside the knot before tightening the fringe. 🙂

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