How to Make a Daisy Faux Leather Keychain with a Cricut

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In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a Daisy Faux Leather Keychain using faux leather, heat transfer vinyl, and a Cricut! These keychains are an easy and fun summer Cricut craft.

Faux Leather Daisy Keychains made with a Cricut

Learn how to make a Faux Leather Daisy Keychain with a Cricut

I love using faux leather and heat transfer vinyl to make simple and fun summer faux leather keychains with my Cricut. These Daisy Keychains are so easy to make with a Cricut Maker, Maker 3, Explore Air 2 or Explore 3, or even the Cricut Joy.

I have the keychain SVG template for sale in my SVG shop here.

This SVG is available in my SVG Shop

This SVG is also included in my Summer Keychains Event SVG Bundle – you can learn more and get it here.

So if you’re ready to try making this Daisy Faux Leather Keychain with a Cricut, let’s get started!

Want to watch a video tutorial on YouTube instead? Check it out below!

How to make a Cricut Daisy Faux Leather Keychain Video Tutorial

You can watch this video now on my YouTube Channel!

For printable instructions for this project, click here.

How to make a Faux Leather Daisy Keychain with a Cricut Step by Step

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Materials Needed to Make a Faux Leather Daisy Keychain with a Cricut

Materials you’ll need to make a Faux Leather Daisy Keychain with a Cricut

Get all 12 Days of Cricut Summer Keychain SVGs!

Love this Cricut Summer Keychain project? It’s one of my 12 days of surprise faux leather keychain designs created just for my Cricut Summer Keychains Event. Get all 17 event keychain SVGs at once by purchasing the Instant Access SVG Bundle below.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Get the keychain SVG template for this keychain project

You can get the Daisy Keychain SVG template included in the Cricut Summer Keychains Event Bundle here or individually from my shop here. You’ll receive an order confirmation email with a link to download the SVG after purchasing.

Save the zipped folder that downloads to your computer. You’ll need to unzip or extract the folder FIRST so you can upload the keychain SVG file to Cricut Design Space.

Step 2: Upload the SVG template to Cricut Design Space.

Click on Upload Image, then browse to where your unzipped file SVG is located on your device.

Click on it to upload it to Design Space. You’ll see a preview of the Daisy keychain SVG on the screen. Click the UPLOAD button.

Then select the SVGs from your Recent Uploads row and click Add to Canvas. Your Canvas should look like this:

Uploading Daisy Keychain SVG to Cricut Design Space

If you are using the Cricut Joy, you will need to resize the keychain layers down a bit to fit on the Joy sizes mat. For any other Cricut machine, it isn’t necessary to resize the daisy keychain. Click the green “Make It” button.

Step 3: Prepare to Cut the Keychain Shapes in Cricut Design Space

First, select “On Mat” for how you’ll upload your materials to Design Space.

Then click on each mat in the Mat Preview screen and toggle the MIRROR button to ON (green). This is because faux leather and heat transfer vinyl cut in reverse (face down) on the cutting mat.

See the Layering Guide graphic below to know which layer will cut from what material. I used polka dotted faux leather for the white petal layers and then used glitter yellow heat transfer vinyl for the flower centers.

Layering Guide for faux leather and heat transfer vinyl Cricut daisy keychain craft project

Begin by dragging the shapes on each mat away from the edges of the mat and away from each other slightly.

Arrange the shapes on your mat preview screen to get the shapes set up to cut from the least amount of faux leather possible.

Make a note of what size faux leather you need to place on your mat to cut all the shapes out with a little room to spare. On the mat shown below I needed a piece of faux leather just over 7 inches wide and 6 inches tall.

Uploading Daisy Keychain SVG to Cricut Design Space

Repeat these steps with the vinyl mat.

Then click back on the faux leather mat to select it again. Click the green CONTINUE button to make the first material selection.

Step 4: Make Material Selections

Choose the material selections you’ll use to cut each mat. I always cut the faux leather mat first.

I use the Faux Leather (Paper Thin) setting with “More” pressure for the faux leather mat and Glitter Vinyl with “Default” pressure for my glitter HTV mat.

If you don’t have this faux leather material setting as a favorite, click “Browse All Materials” to search for it and select it.

Note for Explore Air 2 users:  Cricut Explore Air 2 users will need to turn the dial to “Custom” before choosing Faux Leather (Paper Thin).

Use the material setting recommended by your vinyl manufacturer for your vinyl.

Choosing material settings in Cricut Design Space
Choosing material settings in Cricut Design Space

Step 5: Cut the Faux Leather and Vinyl Mats

Cut a piece of faux leather just slightly larger than the size shown in the mat preview screen.

Cutting faux leather to size to make Daisy keychain with a Cricut

Place the faux leather pretty side down on a purple Cricut Strong Grip mat in the location shown on the mat preview screen.

Press the faux leather down to the mat well with your hands or roll over it with a brayer. Then put blue painter’s tape around on all sides.

Make sure the white “star wheels” on the roller bar are pushed off to the side so the wheels don’t make indentations in your material.

Placing faux leather on Cricut mat to make a Daisy keychain

Load the mat into the Cricut and begin the cut.

Once the cut is complete, BEFORE unloading the mat, use a sharp weeding tool to check and see if the cut is complete.

If not, press the C button again to repeat the cut. You can repeat the cut as many times as necessary as long as you haven’t unloaded the mat.

When the cut is complete, unload the mat and remove the keychain shapes. You can trim any stray fuzz with small curved scissors.

Repeat the cutting process on the Heat Transfer Vinyl mat using a Standard Grip green cutting mat and the recommended cut settings for your particular vinyl.

Remove the cut vinyl from the mat and weed away the excess vinyl.

Weeding cut heat transfer vinyl o make a Daisy keychain

Now it’s time to assemble the Daisy Faux Leather Keychain.

Step 6: Assemble the Daisy Faux Leather Keychain

First, press the yellow flower circles onto the top daisy faux leather layer.

I press vinyl to faux leather using a Cricut EasyPress Mini on the “low” setting (one green bar). You can also use a traditional EasyPress set to 255-265 degrees.

Heat pressing vinyl onto faux leather daisy keychain

Place the yellow vinyl center onto the faux leather layer on a heat pressing pad. Then cover with a piece of Teflon sheet, parchment paper, or Butcher Paper.

Press for about 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, remove the cover sheet and carefully try to peel up the clear vinyl cover sheet. If it peels up easily, remove it.

If the vinyl is pulling up, place the clear vinyl cover layer back down and repeat pressing for 5-7 seconds. Repeat this process until the vinyl adheres to the faux leather well.

Heat pressing vinyl onto faux leather daisy keychain

Once the flower circle is well pressed onto the flower shape, repeat with the second flower layer.

Set both pressed flowers aside.

Next, thread a 1.25″ keyring onto the center of the connected faux leather daisy keychain shape.

Place the connected faux leather keychain shape pretty side down on your work surface. Spread glue evenly onto the back of one daisy only, avoiding the center connector shape.

gluing faux leather daisy petals onto faux leather keychain

Fold over the top half of the keychain onto the bottom half, Carefully line up the front and back petals and press together.

gluing faux leather daisy petals to make a faux leather keychain

Place the glued keychain under something heavy like a book for several hours to let the glue dry well.

Then glue the top flower shape with the vinyl flower center to the folder over keychain shape on each side.

gluing faux leather daisy petals onto faux leather keychain
gluing faux leather daisy petals onto faux leather keychain

Repeat on the other side to make the keychain double sided.

Place the keychain on your work surface to dry. You can place something like the round glue bottle onto the center of the keychain to help the glue dry beneath the center of the keychain to avoid flattening the daisy petals.

To attach an optional faux suede tassel, use flat nose jewelry making pliers to open a 10mm jump ring. Connect the jump ring to the tassel loop and then attach it to the keyring. Close the jump ring securely.

attaching a tassel to a faux leather daisy keychain

That’s it! Your Daisy Faux Leather Keychains are ready to attach to your keys or hang on a backpack!

I hope you’ll enjoy creating different colors and patterns of Daisy Faux Leather Keychains with your Cricut. Let me know in the comments what your daisy keychain will look like!

Will you make this project?

I would love to see what you have created! Please join my free jewelry making & crafting Facebook group and share your creations with me and all of my crafting friends!

For Printable Instructions, click the image below!

Faux Leather Daisy Keychains made with a Cricut

Cricut Daisy Faux Leather Keychain


  • See blog post for materials & links.


  • See blog post for tools & links.


  1. Download and unzip the keychain SVG folder. Upload the SVG file to Cricut Design Space.
  2. It isn't necessary to resize the keychain SVG unless you are using the Cricut Joy. (For the Joy, use the sizing arrows to make the keychain shapes smaller until it fits on the Joy sized mat.)
  3. Click the MAKE IT button.
  4. When Design Space asks how you will load the materials for this project, select ON MAT.
  5. In the mat preview screens, click on every mat and toggle the mirror button to ON. (This is for when you are cutting faux leather and heat transfer vinyl for the project. If you are using faux leather and permanent vinyl instead, only mirror the faux leather mat.)
  6. Now return to each mat and drag the shapes apart from the edges and each other slightly. Make a note of what size material you'll need to cut to place on the mat and cut the shape completely.
  7. When you've done this for each mat, click back on the faux leather mat. Click CONTINUE.
  8. I like to cut the faux leather mat first. Choose Faux Leather (Paper Thin) as the material setting. If you don't have this setting selected, click "Browse All Materials" and search for it. (On the Explore Air 2, turn your dial to Custom so you can see the Faux Leather material choice.) Then choose "more" from the Pressure drop down menu.
  9. Trim a piece of faux leather to the size you noted in the mat preview screen. Place it "pretty" side down on a sticky purple strong grip mat. Tape the faux leather down on all sides with blue painter's tape.
  10. Load the mat into the Cricut and press the C button to begin the cut. When the cut is complete, BEFORE unloading the mat, use a sharp object like a weeding tool to lift up the corner of a cut to see if it went all the way through. If it did, unload the mat. If not, repeat the cut by pressing the C button again. On a Joy, you'll repeat the cut by clicking on "Rerun" on the screen in Design Space.
  11. Remove the cut shapes from the mat. Trim away any fuzz with small sharp scissors. Color the edges of the faux leather if desired with a color coordinated Sharpie marker.
  12. Return to Design Space and cut any vinyl mats using a green standard grip cutting mat. Place heat transfer vinyl shiny side down. I use the Vinyl setting or the Washi Sheet setting with "default" pressure for regular heat transfer vinyl. I use the Glitter Vinyl setting with "default" pressure for glitter heat transfer vinyl and I repeat the cut once if the glitter is thick (Siser brand). For permanent vinyl, I use the Vinyl setting with "default" pressure (make sure mats are NOT mirrored).
  13. Weed away the excess vinyl and cut the vinyl shapes apart.
  14. Using a Cricut EasyPress Mini set on the "low" setting or an EasyPress set to 265 degrees, press the heat transfer vinyl flower centers onto the faux leather daisy shapes one at a time. Refer to the Layers Guide in the tutorial for the pressing order. Place the first vinyl layer onto the faux leather and cover with a cover sheet - Teflon sheet, butcher paper or parchment paper. Then press for 5-10 seconds. Remove the cover sheet and try to peel away the clear vinyl carrier sheet. If the vinyl lifts up, replace the clear carrier sheet and cover sheet and press again for 5-7 seconds. Set the pressed flowers aside.
  15. Thread a 1.25" key ring onto the middle section of the larger connected faux leather keychain shape.
  16. Using fabric glue, carefully apply glue all over the back of just one of the connected keychain shape flowers, being careful to avoid getting glue on the center connecter shape.
  17. Fold the connected keychain shape over so the daisy shapes are touching and the edges line up neatly.
  18. Place the glued bottom keychain layer under something heavy like a book to dry for several hours.
  19. Then place glue on the back of the daisy shapes with the flower center. Put the glue only on the center of the back to keep the daisy petals free and to allow movement.
  20. Glue the other daisy petals top layer to the backside of the keychain. Allow the glued keychain more time to dry.
  21. To attach an optional tassel, use a 10mm jump ring and flat nose pliers to connect the tassel to the key ring.

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Until next time… and happy creating!

Answers to your questions about making a Daisy Faux Leather Keychain with a Cricut

Q: How do I get the SVG template for this project?
A: The SVG template for this project is in my SVG shop here. It’s available with a Personal Use and Small Business Commercial Use option.

Q: Can I get all the Summer Keychain Event SVG templates at once?
A: You can purchase all the Cricut Summer Keychain Event SVGs (17 in total) as a Instant Access Bundle in my shop here.

Q: What Cricut is best for cutting faux leather?
A: The good news is there is no “best” Cricut for cutting faux leather. You can cut faux leather with any of the five current Cricut machines – the Cricut Maker, the Cricut Maker 3, the Cricut Explore Air 2, the Cricut Explore 3, and even the Cricut Joy. That’s because you can cut faux leather with a Cricut using the standard Fine Point Blade that comes with each of these machines.

Q: What setting on Cricut do I need to cut faux leather?
A: I use the Faux Leather (Paper Thin) setting with “More” pressure to cut faux leather with any of the five current Cricut machines. I use the standard Fine Point Blade and repeat the cut as needed before unloading the mat. For more of my best Tips, Tricks, and secrets to cutting faux leather with a Cricut, check out my blog post here.

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Faux Leather Daisy Keychains made with a Cricut

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