Best Jewelry Making Supplies On Amazon

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The Best Jewelry Making Supplies To Buy On Amazon

Is there anything better than spending an hour wandering around a bead store? Bead lovers know that no online shopping experience compares with visiting a bead store in person and touching ALL. THE. BEADS. Of course while you’re there, it’s easy to pick up other jewelry making supplies as well, such as beading thread or a new pair of pliers.

Also, being at the store in person is best for designing jewelry and color matching beads. I have been known to take a little plastic bag filled with beads I’m trying to match or color coordinate with into the bead store. Yes, I am that person! We all know when designing a new beaded jewelry piece, seeing how the colors will go together just can’t be done right on a computer screen.

Also, I know when I shop at a local bead store, I’m supporting a small business and helping to ensure they will be around for a long time to come!

However, there are beading and jewelry making supplies that you will want to always have on hand, and you can’t always make time for a bead store run. For those items, you can’t beat the convenience of shopping on Amazon.

For that reason, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite go-to jewelry making supplies that I like to buy on Amazon. The convenience factor is huge, and more often than not, the items are cheaper than anywhere else. Another great thing is all of these items are Prime eligible, which means if you are a Prime customer, they arrive super fast, and with free shipping!

Ready? Let’s get started with my list of my favorite jewelry making supplies you can buy on Amazon.

This page contains some affiliate links (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you). Read my full disclosure policy here.

1. FireLine Beading Thread

fireline beading thread for jewelry making

I’ve always been resistant to using any kind of fishing line for beading, but once I tried FireLine for beadweaving, I was convinced! After many years of using Nymo, FireLine is now my go-to thread for bead weaving and I never want to be without it! I like the FireLine 6 lb. weight in Clear for bead weaving because it is small enough to pass through tiny seed beads and Delica beads multiple times, but it’s strong enough to protect your finished piece. It also adds a little structure to your piece as you are weaving, which is another feature I really like.

FireLine is available in Clear and Smoke colors, so there’s a color option for dark and light beads (Smoke is a very dark grey). I’ve found that it doesn’t knot up as often as traditional beading thread, and when it does get tangled, it’s a lot easier to untangle the knot. FireLine is also very resistant to abrasion from sharp glass edges, which is a big deal. Nymo and other traditional beading threads will start to fray over time when bead weaving with many tiny glass beads.

FireLine shouldn’t be your first choice for heavier bracelets and necklaces – for those projects, you’ll want to use a flexible beading wire like Beadalon (available in Silver or Gold Color) or Soft Flex. But for bead weaving and any other lightweight project with seed beads, FireLine can’t be beat.

You can pick up FireLine beading thread from Amazon here.

2. Elizabeth Ward Bead Storage

bead storage solutions bead storage tray for jewelry making
Love these Elizabeth Ward Bead Storage Solutions bead storage boxes.

These Elizabeth Ward Bead Storage Solutions bead storage boxes are another thing I resisted for a long time. I’m so glad I decided to try them! Yes, they are more expensive than cheap fishing tackle boxes, but in my opinion, they are SO worth it. Really, they are way more than bead storage boxes… they are a bead storage system.

I’m so crazy about them that I’ve thrown out all of my mis-matched, differently sized tackle boxes and moved all of my beads and findings into a series of these storage boxes. It was quite an undertaking, but I’m so happy I did it.

I know what you are thinking. Those bead boxes are expensive! You can buy a fishing tackle box from Wal-Mart or a craft storage box from Michael’s for a couple of bucks! And yes, that’s true. But these bead storage containers are far and away better than the cheaper alternatives. Let’s talk for a minute about why.

But what about fishing tackle boxes for jewelry making supply storage?

I started out storing my beads and findings, like most people do, in fishing tackle boxes. Yes, they are cheap and easy to pick up at places like Walmart, so you can have a bazillion of them without spending a fortune.

However, I didn’t like how the compartment sizes were either too deep, or too wide, or not wide enough, or all the same size. I also didn’t like how my seed beads were in different boxes and containers than my larger beads ( like my Czech and Swarovski crystals) because of the size differences. Of course my findings didn’t work in a box with compartments all the same size either, so I had to get different tackle boxes for those.

Yeah, I know some tackle boxes have adjustable compartment walls, but when you pull them out, all the beads on either side of the wall flood together into the new, larger space.

You can tell I’ve really thought this through.

Also, the fishing tackle box compartments don’t close individually. If you accidentally drop your open bead box (and who hasn’t done that at least once?), all of your beads will go EVERYWHERE.

Finally, when it’s time to take your beads out for a project, you can’t easily remove them to compare them to other beads as you plan. Instead, you have to fish them out a few at a time from their compartment. Oh, and don’t get me started on the knuckle scraping as you get the beads out of their individual compartments… it’s a pain.

The ideal jewelry making supplies storage solution

So, imagine a world where your beads live happily ever after all together, in their own individual little bead boxes with their own individual lids. Imagine seed beads in tiny bead boxes, and tall findings like headpins in a little bead box that fits them perfectly, too. Whatever size your beads, findings, jump rings, crystal beads, or crimp beads are, you have a little bead box for each one that they fit in just right.

Now imagine ALL of those different shaped bead containers fit neatly into rows in a bead box with a lid. You can have a limitless number of combinations of small, medium, and large bead boxes within one bead storage box. Want to store your beads by color? No problem. Just move the small bead containers around to make new rows by color.

What about having all of your seed beads in one storage box, larger beads in other boxes, and then findings on their own in another? That’s no problem either (and that’s what I do).

Features and uses

You can also use these storage boxes as project boxes if you want. You can easily load up the rows with assorted beads and findings for a project you are working on so you can see all the colors and how they work together. You’ll have everything in one place, too, so you can bead on the go if you do that sort of thing (I certainly do!).

Elizabeth Ward Bead Storage Solutions bead storage boxes are available in a variety of configurations. The 45 piece box shown above has 45 small containers in varying sizes. They also have an 82 piece version, perfect for seed beads or Delica beads, because all the containers are the same very small size. These two versions are the ones I use as my bead storage system.

bead box filled with jewelry making supplies
Delica beads stored in in the Darice Elizabeth Ward 82 piece storage box.

The 4 piece box has a bead tray perfect for travel (but doesn’t fit any bead containers). The 2 piece box has only a top lid and bottom, so just the empty box. You can buy the bead containers separately and configure the containers in whatever sizes you like. You can also use the 2 piece box as a project board, with a half of it filled with bead containers and the other half with your tools, string or wire, and your work in progress.

These bead boxes are available at bead stores and some craft stores, but no one can beat the price on Amazon, which is why I have them on this list!

Labeling the beads and findings storage boxes

To make remembering where you bought certain jewelry making supplies and beads easier, these storage boxes come with a full sheet of sticky labels that you can write a note on and stick to each container:

Close up of bead storage container labels
Sticky labels that come with the storage boxes.

The labels can go on the top of the container, or the bottom, as shown above. I actually prefer to make my own labels for these storage containers, though. For my seed bead storage, I like to put the seed bead number (ex: DB1250) on a small, clear label I print out with my Dymo label maker, like this:

close up of labeled bead storage containers

This way the label doesn’t cover up the clear bottom of the container.

The DYMO label maker spits out labels quickly and is a breeze to use. In fact, my 8 year old daughter loves to be in charge of printing the labels and putting them on the bead containers when new seed beads arrive!

This is the Dymo label maker I use, which can be found here on Amazon.

3. Wubbers Jewelry Making Pliers

No list of jewelry making supplies would be complete without jewelry making tools. There are so many great tools out there, both in stores and online. If you are new to jewelry making, you will want to check out my Beginner’s Guide To Jewelry Making Tools post. In it you’ll find specific information about what features you want to look for when tool shopping. I also give you my recommendations of the 3 must have tools you need to have to get started jewelry making! You can read that post here.

Jewelry making tools are the most expensive things you’ll buy when you are getting started making jewelry, and it’s great to be able to save money when you can. Amazon has great prices on my favorite jewelry making tools from Wubbers.

Wubbers brand jewelry making pliers.

Wubbers offers a wide variety of traditional jewelry making tools, like round nose and flat nose pliers. They also offer a variety of specialty jewelry making tools as well. The quality is great and although they are a little more expensive than some of the tools you can buy from the craft store, they are so worth it. The prices on Amazon are the best I’ve seen, too, which is why I recommend always buying them on Amazon.

About Wubbers’ plier sizes

Wubbers‘ traditional jewelry making pliers come in two sizes, Classic and Baby. I have both, but I prefer the Baby size. They aren’t really small, just smaller than the Classic which I think are a tad too big for the average sized hand.

Both Classic and Baby size Wubbers come with teal colored hand grips and a spring mechanism, which are two features I highly recommend in
my Beginner’s Guide To Jewelry Making Tools post. They are all around great pliers and I plan to invest in some of their specialty tools when the need arises!

You can see of the Baby sized Wubbers pliers on Amazon here. You can buy them individually, or they also have sets of 3 or 4 pliers that come with a handy little wood stand. Wubbers pliers are great!

4. Darice Clear Storage Box with Screw Top Lids

Do you bead on the go? I know I do. I’m out of the house a lot with my kids’ various sports and activities, and I always like to have a bead project with me for the down times during things like baseball practices and dentist appointments.

I do a lot of beadweaving with Delica beads, and for works in progress to take on the go, I love these little Darice clear storage boxes with screw top lids. Again, they can be purchased at a lot of stores, but the prices on Amazon make it affordable to have a few of them on hand.

darice screw top bead containers

Here is an example of how I use these storage boxes as portable project boxes:

jewelry making supplies storage box with beads, thread and scissors

My setup involves taking out all of the screw top containers and only using the ones that I need. Inside the box is my beading pattern which has a color coded beaded chart (every bead color has a letter A through E). I also have my favorite pair of small curved Fiskars scissors and a small spool of FireLine tucked away in there.

I use my handy dandy Dymo Label Maker to print clear labels with the letters A through E so I can easily identify the beads in the screw top containers. In addition, I stick a pencil in the box to mark the pattern rows as I go, pop the top on, and that’s it!

Again, I love these little boxes, and they are a great jewelry making item you can find on Amazon.

I hope this article about the best jewelry making supplies to buy on Amazon was helpful. What jewelry making supplies can you not be without, and where do you like to get them from? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time… and happy creating!

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beading supplies

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