How to Make Holes in Faux Leather Earrings

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faux leather earring with hole near a Cricut machine

How to Make Earring Holes with a Cricut

Are you interested in making faux leather earrings, but have questions like how to make holes in earrings on a Cricut, what size hole punch to use for faux leather earrings, or how to keep faux leather earring holes from tearing?

I had all the same questions when I started making earrings with my Cricut and needed to put holes in my faux leather earrings. So I started experimenting.

I soon learned that the Cricut can cut faux leather earring holes, but it doesn’t always cut the earring holes all the way through. Also, there are times you may want to move the hole to another location or change the earring size (which requires a resized earring hole).

As a result of my trial and error, I’ve put my best tips about how to put earring holes in faux leather earrings into this post for you. If you’d rather watch a YouTube video, you can do that here:

If you want to follow along and test out some of the earring holes tips I’ll be sharing in this post and in my YouTube video, you’ll want to get my printable Cricut Earrings QuickStart Guide and my most popular teardrop earring SVG file, completely free! You can click the button below to request both the SVGs and the Quickstart Guide be sent straight to your inbox:

Quickstart Guide to Cricut Earrings

How to Put Earring Holes in Faux Leather Earrings

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  • A Cricut cutting machine (or another cutting machine of your choice). I used the Cricut Maker, but you can use the Cricut Maker 3, the Explore Air 2 or Explore 3, or the Cricut Joy.


There are basically two ways to make earring holes in faux leather earrings.

The first way is to let the cutting machine, like a Cricut or Silhouette, cut the earring holes. You’ll either need an earring SVG shape that already has the hole incorporated into the design, or you can add your own earring hole to the SVG before cutting. More on this in a bit.

The second way is to make the earring holes in faux leather earrings manually. You can do this in a pinch with a sharp object like a safety pin or the tip of your weeding tool.

using sharp tool to make earring holes

But if you plan to gift or sell your earrings, you’ll want to make a minimal investment in a tool that will punch the earring holes neatly and consistently.

using a hole punch to make earring holes

I use a 1/16″ hole punch from Amazon to make earring holes in faux leather earrings. It looks like this:

The availability of my favorite hole punch changes from time to time, so I’ve bought others. Sometimes they have different colored handles, but they all work the same way.

This one works well, too.

These hole punches are marketed as “paper punches” but I regularly use mine to punch through two layers of faux leather at a time. They are very durable and last a long time.

To use them, carefully line up the desired location for the earring hole with the post of the hole punch. Gently squeeze and release.

using hole punch to make earring holes

I like to put both earring halves front to front and punch both holes at the same time. This ensures both holes are in the same location on the earring blanks.

punching two earring holes at once
earring hole in faux leather earring


Most people wonder which way is best – machine cut or manual.

But I’ve found it’s best to use a combination of the machine cut and manual hole punching techniques.

This is largely because the Cricut doesn’t always cut the earring hole completely through. If the hole isn’t cut completely, it’s necessary to manually punch the earring hole, and the 1/16″ hole punch results in a nice, clean earring hole cut.

So then why wouldn’t you just punch all of the earring holes using a hole punch?

What I like to do is let the Cricut make the earring hole cut first even if I know it may not cut all the way through. Then I follow up with the hole punch if necessary because that way I know exactly where the hole should be made. This created perfect earring hole placement so the earrings look professional, symmetrical, and they hang the exact same way.


Now that you know how to make earring holes in faux leather earrings… what if you want change or hide the current earring hole, or create your own earring hole?

You can do all of these things easily in Cricut Design Space.

Sometimes you may want to “hide” an earring hole in a faux leather earring SVG to keep it from cutting. Why would you want to do that? Here are some reasons:

  1. This could be because the hole is too close to the edge and you want to keep the earring hole from tearing.
  2. It also could be because you prefer using the hole punch to make the earring holes in faux leather earrings.
  3. Or you may want to resize the earring SVG and you’ll need a new, appropriately sized earring hole.
  4. Or you may want to change the location of the earring hole altogether (if you want the earrings to dangle a different way, for example).

No matter the reason, you can easily hide an earring hole to keep it from cutting by using the “Contour” feature in Cricut Design Space.

After uploading your earring SVGs to Cricut Design Space, you have to first UNGROUP them so you can manipulate them individually.

Select all of the grouped earring shapes and then click UNGROUP at the top of the Layers panel.

Cricut Design Space screenshot of earring holes

Then click on one of the earring shapes with a hole and click on CONTOUR below the Layers panel.

Cricut Design Space screenshot of earring holes

The Contour panel will pop up and you’ll be able to see all of the cuts the selected shape is made of.

You can click on the small circle (the earring hole) either on the image of the earring itself, or on the layers panel inside the Contour menu.

The hole will become greyed out and will disappear from the earring shape on the canvas.

Close out of the CONTOUR window to return to the canvas.

Cricut Design Space screenshot of earring holes

Now the earring hole is hidden and will not cut. Repeat this process for any other earring holes you don’t want to cut.


You may need to create your own earring hole for a variety of reasons mentioned above.

This is also easy to do in Cricut Design Space.

First click on the SHAPES option from the side panel. Then select the circle shape.

Cricut Design Space screenshot of earring holes

The circle that imports onto your canvas will be too large for an earring hole. Resize the circle to be .075 inches wide and .075 inches tall (be careful – .075 is not the same thing as .75).

Cricut Design Space screenshot of earring holes

Drag the new, smaller circle into the general location of the top of the earring shape.

The key is to position the hole as far away from the edges as you can while still being able to connect a jump ring through the hole. This may take some practice.

Cricut Design Space screenshot of earring holes

Once the earring hole is resized and in the right position away from the top edge of the earring shape, select both the earring shape and the circle. While both shapes are selected, click ALIGN from the top menu. Then choose CENTER HORIZONTALLY.

This will align the earring hole with the vertical center of the earring shape.

Cricut Design Space screenshot of earring holes

Then while both shapes are still selected, click SLICE at the bottom of the Layers panel.

Cricut Design Space screenshot of earring holes

Slicing will cut out the circle shape from the earring shape. You may not see any changes on your canvas right away, but your Layers panel will change.

Instead of two shapes – an earring and an earring hole – you’ll now have a third shape – the cut out remains after the slice action.

You can see this better if you drag the earring shape to a new location.

You can now delete both remaining hole layers from your canvas.

Cricut Design Space screenshot of earring holes

I always like to make ONE earring shape with a hole first, then DUPLICATE that shape to create the second earring.

That’s it! You’ve made a pair of earring shapes with holes.

If you want to watch how I create simple earrings from a completely new shape in Cricut Design Space, be sure to watch the YouTube video at the top of this post.


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I hope you found this post helpful! If you have any questions about making faux leather earrings, or if you want to show me what you’ve created, I’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to me at [email protected].

Until next time… and happy creating!


faux leather earring with hole near a Cricut machine

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