Supplies List for the Cricut Summer Keychains Event

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This list contains all of the supplies and materials I used to make all of the keychain designs featured in the Cricut Summer Keychains Event.

Below you will find:

  1. General supplies list used for making faux leather keychains with a Cricut.
  2. ALL the faux leather and vinyl I used to make each of the sample projects.
  3. Project supply lists so you know what is used to make each project.

A note about these supply lists:

These lists are designed to be helpful for you as you craft along with the Cricut Summer Keychains Event. If something I link to is out of stock, please don’t let that discourage you from creating keychains you’ll love!

Most of these colors can be substituted and used with what you have on hand.

Use your imagination and take my samples as a starting point.

Use materials you have on hand and shop for additional colors and patterns you love to create truly original earrings from the event SVG templates. I can’t wait to see what you create. 🙂

You can also use heat transfer vinyl to “create” a color of faux leather you don’t have. You can see how I do this in this video on my YouTube channel.

General Supplies Used

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Faux Leather & Vinyl Supply Lists (All)

Faux Leather – Solid Colors

Faux Leather – Prints

  • You can use any assorted Printed Faux Leathers you’d like, or just used solid materials. It’s totally up to you. For the designs where I used printed faux leathers, I used the following:
  • Basic Summer Dots from The Polka Dotted Peach. I used Carnation (Pink), Calypso (Teal Blue), Orchid (Purple) and Cornflower (Blue)
  • Paint Splatter Prints in Assorted colors from The Polka Dotted Peach (I used Pink, Mint, and Purple
  • Summer Suns Print in Bright Teal in “Small” scale from The Polka Dotted Peach
  • Solid tan-yellow in Butternut from The Polka Dotted Peach (this Dark Yellow from Amazon would work, too)

Heat Transfer Vinyl – Solid Colors

I used Siser Easyweed HTV, but you can use any HTV of your choice.

Heat Transfer Vinyl – Glitter/Foil Iron-On/Specialty

Faux Leather & Vinyl Supplies By Project

Refer to the General Supply List above for the supplies you’ll need to have on hand to make faux leather keychains with a Cricut. Then add the following faux leather/heat transfer vinyl supplies for each specific project below.

  • Basic Summer Dots from The Polka Dotted Peach. I used Carnation (Pink), Calypso (Teal Blue), Orchid (Purple) and Cornflower (Blue)

Day 2 – Summer Van Keychain

Day 3 – Flip Flops Keychains

Day 4 – Beach Bicycle Keychain

Day 5 – Turtle Keychain

Day 6 – Avocado & Watermelon Keychains

Day 7 – Hibiscus Keychain

Day 8 – Shark Keychain

Day 9 – Taco Keychain

Day 10 – Clownfish Keychain

Day 11 – Popsicle Keychains

Day 12 – Flamingo Floatie & Palm Tree Keychains

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  1. Tina Hudson says:

    this is a perfect gift for my mom!!

  2. Linda Bishop says:

    Sure hope 1 of the key chains is an ice cream cone…I have made all the key chains so far. Really love this summit!

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