My DreamBox 2 Walkthrough, Setup & Review!

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Tour My DreamBox 2!

Hi, it’s Amy, and I’m so excited to be able to share my DreamBox 2 from CreateRoom with you! I’ll be sharing my experience with delivery, how I have mine set up, some customizations I’ve made, and my honest thoughts on whether the DreamBox 2 could be right for you in your craft room!

I’ve been wanting a DreamBox in my craft room for a long time, and I finally got one! It’s taken me a little while to get it all set up just the way I want it, but today I’m going to walk you through exactly what it’s like to get your DreamBox delivered, how it’s set up, and how you figure out where you’re going to put everything and I’m going to show you everything that I have in mine.

I’ll let you know my thoughts on the DreamBox 2 and I’ll show you ways I customized and personalized mine. I’ll also have a special coupon code for you if you want to get a DreamBox 2 of your own.

So if you’re ready to learn all about the DreamBox 2, let’s get started.

Want to watch a video of my DreamBox 2 tour instead? Check it out below!

Watch my DreamBox 2 Video

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In this post, I’ll be sharing links to products & supplies I used when setting up my DreamBox 2. I’ll link to them throughout the post and also here for your convenience!

My DreamBox 2 Tour


Before we get into the fun tour of how I have my DreamBox 2 all set up, I wanted to mention a few things about purchasing your DreamBox 2 and some things to consider.

I decided to go with the pre-built DreamBox 2. It does cost a little more, but in my opinion, it’s really worth it because the large elements of the Dreambox are already built.

Basically what you’re doing is inserting your shelves and doing some other small tweaks, but for the most part the big parts of the Dreambox are built for you. These pre-built components are very large and will be delivered to your home in a large crate.

The delivery process was smooth and easy. I received a call from the freight company on my delivery day, and the driver was friendly and on time.

I was able to store the DreamBox inside my garage until my sons were able to help me take out the larger pieces and bring them inside my home.

If the pre-built DreamBox 2 is out of your budget, that’s okay. You’ll be able to get the DreamBox 2 that you build yourself. There’s a video tutorial and written instructions for you to follow.

The DIY version is also great if you’re taking your DreamBox 2 to a smaller space or perhaps an upstairs space where it might be more difficult to get these really large pre-built sections into small areas. So if you get the DIY version you’re able to take all of the unassembled pieces up into your smaller area and then build it there.


We brought the pre-built DreamBox sections into the house. Keep in mind these parts are very large and heavy and you’ll need two people to help!

Once all the sections were in place inside, I started by centering the large center section on my wall. Then I added the stabilizer feet to the bottom of this center piece to make it extra secure.

Then I started connecting the parts together with the super sturdy DreamBox hinges.

Once all the large pieces were connected, I screwed the safety L shaped brackets to the top of the center cabinet and to the wall.

This is SUPER IMPORTANT to keep your DreamBox 2 safely standing especially when you have pets and kids in your craft room.

Then I inserted the shelves and the tote shelf tracks. I found using a rubber mallet to gently tap the shelf tracks really helped.

I then inserted the overhead light, added all of my totes and added the door handles.

Then it was time to start to play!


So the first thing I wanted to decide was how I was going to decorate my tote covers. I’m sure you’ve seen other DreamBox videos where the front of the clear totes have some decorative cardstock paper inside.

This is a really fun way to personalize and customize your dream box. So I decided to make a two layer cardstock design. design. The back layer is solid and the front layer is a cutout of a design that matches the front of my DreamBox, which I will show you in just a moment when when I show you the outside and a little bit of customization I did there.

All I did was cut both of these pieces out with my Cricut and glued them together and let them dry flat under a heavy flat item (I used a big pack of cardstock) for just a little bit to keep them nice and flat and really well glued together.

Many people wonder how you can cut a tote cover for a 12 inch wide tote when the Cricut mats are only 12 inches wide with an 11.5 inch maximum cutting width. I was puzzled, too! But I turned my shapes diagonally on my mat and they fit perfectly.

If you’re interested in this pattern and a video on how I made these, let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to make that for you and share this pattern with you free here on my blog!

So I made all of my tote covers first and then I got busy putting them inside the totes. What I did to secure them was just put a little bit of double-sided adhesive dots on the inside corners. That kept the covers in front without falling down.

Then it was time to start deciding where everything should go!

I brought all of my most frequently used craft supplies into the room with my DreamBox first.

I started popping my most important supplies and the supplies I use most often on the left-hand side of the DreamBox because I’m left-handed and that’s where I will naturally reach.

I also used some regular regular Post-In notes to start keeping track of what was going in my totes. Once I had put a certain category of craft supplies inside a tote, I wrote the name on a Post-It with a Sharpie marker and stuck it on the front of the totes just to wrap my mind around where things were going.

Once my totes were organized, I labeled them using these label holder tags from Amazon.

I created a template in Canva to type the names of my supplies. Then I printed the sheet onto regular paper and trimmed them apart and slid them into the label holder tags.

If you’d like to see a video on how I made the tags and get the template I created to make the labels, let me know in the comments!

My largest collection of craft supplies is my faux leather collection, so I used the large totes to sort and organize my faux leather supplies by season, color, and type.

I love how the large totes can fit 8.5×11 sizes sheets of faux leather, as well as 12×12 inch sheets of cardstock or scrapbook paper or vinyl.

Once my large totes were filled, I started filling the medium and small totes with jewelry making supplies like earring hooks, bulk chain, keychain parts, etc.

The small totes are great for separating beads, ready made jewelry samples, jewelry findings, etc.


Besides customizing the tote covers, you can really make your DreamBox your own by thinking about how you craft and what you want to see when your DreamBox is open.

I put some fun glitter faux leathers in rolls at the top of the left door, just rolled up with a little slap bracelet. I then put the shelf with hooks next so I have all of my most used Cricut supplies like my scissors and my hole punch for punching earring holes, etc.

Underneath that shelf I used the DreamBox canisters to store my faux suede tassels. I love how these wide jars fit perfectly inside the doors!

Another thing I love about the DreamBox is they’ve really given you all kinds of options for how to make the doors your own.

If you do a lot of of ribbon crafting, you get these dowels or metal rods that go all the way across on your doors and you can display your ribbons or you can hang things from them.

But I really wanted a way to display a lot of the earrings and keychains that I’ve made over the years, again, because they make me happy when I’m crafting. So what I did was I got a small Ikea pegboard and it happens to fit perfectly inside the top part of the right door.

I just used the hooks that the IKEA pegboard came with and I put those dowels on and I was able to just hook the hooks that connect the pegboard onto those dowels.

I also have a dowel behind the bottom of the pegboard that keeps the pegboard falling back too far. But that way I’m able to hang and display all of my items. I’m super excited about this little DreamBox 2 door hack!

Another way I personalized my DreamBox 2 is by adding a laser cut decoration to the front doors. These are custom made from a lightweight material that can be painted if desired. They are very thin and stick onto the DreamBox 2 front with adhesive dots. Super easy and so pretty!

I only got the door panels, but if you opt for the DreamBox 2 with the crown light and drawers, you can get a kit of laser cut elements for those parts, too.

I also switched out the pretty silver door handles with brushed gold cabinet handles from Home Depot. You can see them here.


Overall, I’m so happy with my new craft room storage solution! I was doubtful at first that all of my supplies would fit, but they do, especially after I did a thorough cleaning and sorting of my craft supply collection.

For me, I’d rather have a clean work area with all of my favorite craft supplies in arms reach than WAY too many supplies tucked away in bins, boxes, and cabinets. So it was worth it to make some hard decisions about sorting and cleaning up my craft supply hoard – I mean, collection. 🙂

I’m super impressed with the folding table! It feels solid and sturdy and I have no worries about crafting with my Cricut machines on it.

I also love how the DreamBox 2 has loads of cubbies that fit all kinds of oddly shaped craft supplies, including large packs of vinyl and cardstock. Plus the 12×12 Cricut mats fit great in this handy spot, too!

Something I regret is not getting the overhead crown light, although the light included in the cabinet without the crown is very bright, the second light right above the table would have been helpful.

I’ve added an Ott Light desk lamp for detailed crafting and my new hobby, needlepoint.

Something I don’t love is I had trouble getting the medium and small tote dividers to slide into place easily. It did take a few tries. I would like them to snap into place easier so I can section off lots of the smaller totes.

All in all, my personal opinion is that the DreamBox 2 is an incredible craft room storage system if you have the room and you can afford it!

If you’re interested in getting a DreamBox 2 of your own, use this link and the coupon code AMYROMEUCRAFTS at checkout for $350 off your DreamBox 2! I got the White Ergo Doors with the Full Tote Set.

Have questions? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to talk “DreamBox” with you!

Until next time… and happy creating!

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