If you’re here, you must be interested in my super popular $1 Daily Deal SVGs! That’s awesome.

You probably have lots of questions, and I have answers below.

Before we jump into questions, if you are looking for TODAY’s Daily Deal, you can see it here:

Q: What are $1 Daily Deal SVGs?

$1 Daily Deal SVGs are earring designs I make each and every day for members of my free crafting Facebook group. (To join the group, click here.)

They are designed to be cut from faux leather (and often heat transfer vinyl) with a Cricut or other cutting machine.

Daily Deals launch in the Facebook group each day at noon EST and expire each night at midnight EST. They do not go to my SVG shop or my Etsy shop they disappear and and are no longer available for purchase anywhere. I often will bring back the most popular ones later in the month before they are moved to the Daily Deals Vault. (Only Daily Deal Club Members have limited, special occassion access to the Vault. More on the Club in a minute.)

Q: I’m here because I saw a Daily Deal I liked on social media, but I don’t see it when I click the link above.

Daily Deals are only good for one day, the day they are launched in my Facebook group. They expire at midnight the same day and disappear. To be sure you don’t miss any more Daily Deals, or for the opportunity to buy the SVG you want again during a “Bring Back Day,” be sure you are a member of my Facebook group and/or on my text list (see above).

Q: How do I find out about each day’s $1 Daily Deal SVG?

There are quite a few ways! The first is to join my free Facebook group, Get Crafty with Amy Romeu. Be sure to adjust your Facebook notifications to get all alerts from the group. Some die-hard Daily Deal fans set an alarm on their phones for noon EST and then go check the group.

Another way is to get on my Daily Deals text list for a reminder and link each day to the newest daily deal. Text the words “daily deal” to 904-853-8761 and click on the link that pops up. Follow along with the messages in the text to add yourself to my phone and add me to your contacts. (If you’re already on my text list, you can still do this so you’re added to the daily deal list.) The text list is for U.S. numbers only.

Q: I missed a $1 Daily Deal SVG. Where can I find it to buy it separately?

Sorry you missed a Daily Deal! Daily Deals aren’t available anywhere else after they expire each day. Be sure you are in my Facebook group or on my text list so you’ll see all the Daily Deals each day. You can also keep an eye out an announcement about the next “Bring Back Day” which happen about twice a month. I make the announcement inside the Facebook group and to my text list.

Q: How do I buy and download the Daily Deals?

Daily Deals are listed in my SVG shop each day. I share a direct link to each new deal in my Facebook group and with my text list. When you purchase the Daily Deal SVG, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your order with a link to download the SVG. For assistance with downloading digital files, click here.

Q: I’m loving $1 Daily Deal SVGs! Is there a way to get ALL of the Daily Deals each month?

Yes! So many Daily Deal fans requested an easy way to get all the Daily Deals I make, I created the Daily Deal Club Membership. You can learn more about it here:

Q: Where are the tutorials for Daily Deals?

Daily Deals don’t have video or written tutorials, but I do include suggested directions on the Daily Deal product page in my shop for every design. If you have a specific question about how to make a Daily Deal, head over to my Facebook group and ask the experts there. They are always happy to help.

If you have any other questions about Daily Deals or the Daily Deal Club, please send an email to [email protected] and I’ll be happy to assist you!