How To Make DIY Anthropologie Inspired Stack Bracelets

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DIY anthropologie style stack bracelets

How To Make DIY Anthropologie Style Stack Bracelets You’ll Wear All Year

I’m back with another stack bracelet tutorial… this one is for the grown ups, y’all! Who doesn’t love Anthropologie jewelry? I know I do! They have amazing stuff, but often, not so amazing prices. I was inspired by some stack bracelets I saw this summer at Anthropologie (photo below). but I wanted to add MORE BLING and MORE CHARMS (because why the heck not). So if you want to learn how to make DIY Anthropologie style stack bracelets, keep reading!

The bracelets you’ll see in this tutorial are purposely neutral, so they can be worn all year. They can also be layered in with other bracelets.

Since wooden beads are all the rage, I’m excited to tell you the vendor I sourced the materials for this project from – Fire Mountain Gems – has them in a MILLION colors! So you know I’ll be making these in more colors and sharing them with you!

(Don’t worry, I’ll share all the details about all the exact items I used in this post.)

p.s. Just wanted to throw out there that his post is NOT sponsored by Fire Mountain Gems. I am a die hard customer of theirs, and I just LOVE sharing great beading suppliers with you!

Also, I know you, my dear reader, are busy and you don’t have time to drive all over town buying jewelry project supplies from five different places. So, I really try to create projects that you can get all the supplies for from ONE place. I hope that’s helpful to you.

So, without further ado, here are the bracelets from Anthropologie that sparked the idea for this tutorial:

DIY Anthropologie Style Stack Bracelet Inspiration

photo credit: Anthropologie
photo credit: Anthropologie

That being said, I still need to mention the following disclosure as a matter of routine:

This post may contain some affiliate links (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you). Read my full disclosure policy here.

Ok. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Materials Needed For DIY Anthropologie Style Stack Bracelets

All of the materials from this project are from Fire Mountain Gems. They are a HUGE online seller of beading and jewelry making supplies in Oregon. They’ve been around since 1973 (hey, same as me!) and they really know their stuff. They are my go to resource for Delica beads, Swarovski crystals, findings, etc. They don’t have a physical store that you can shop in (although they do give tours). Their website is amazing and their GIANT catalog is incredible. It’s like Christmas at my house when it arrives.

Seriously, sign up for their mailing list and catalog here, you won’t regret it.

Okay, on to the materials you’ll need to make these great DIY Anthropologie inspired stack bracelets!

I’m going to do the materials for this post a little differently this time. I usually cram all of my supplies into one photo, but I’ve got more that one photo for this project. There are a lot of options you can go with for this project, so pick and choose what you like best.

Wood Beads

These wood beads are Taiwanese Cheesewood beads in White and Tan. They are sold by the strand and are 7-8mm size.

The exact White cheesewood beads I used are here.

The exact Tan cheesewood beads I used are here.

To see ALL of the amazing colors they carry in 7-8mm cheesewood beads, click here.

Dangles, Charms, & Accent Beads

The sky’s the limit here! Use your imagination and load up on whatever you like best. You can use lots of different charms and load up your bracelets (like I did), or use them sparingly (like the inspiration photo). It’s totally up to you!

Below are the links to the charms and dangles I used in this project:

From left to right: Lotus Teardrops, Eye Charms, Dagger Drops, Round Lotus Charms, Swarovski Crystal Drops
Close up view of the Swarovski Crystal Drops

TierraCast Lotus Teardrop Shape dangles

TierraCast Eye Charms

TierraCast “Dagger” drops

TierraCast Round Lotus Charms

Swarovski Crystal 4-4.1mm drops (crystal stones in a rhodium plated brass setting)

The accent beads I used for this project are these exact ones: 5mm Square/Round Silver-Plated Brass


So many tassels! I used them in Beige and Light Grey in the 20-24mm size. They are sold in packs of 6. Some have silver colored rings and some have gold, so pay attention to that if you want all of your metals to match in your project (yes, I am that person).

The exact tassels I used for this project are:

Mini Tassels in Beige, 6 pack

Mini Tassels in Light Grey, 6 pack

If you want to see all the Mini Tassels Fire Mountain Gems has in this same size, click here. So. Many. Colors.

Twisted Jump Rings

Twisted jump rings in 10mm and 8mm sizes.

Another key design element of these DIY Anthropologie inspired stretch bracelets are the twisted jump rings. They add a nice touch to the finished piece! I used them in two sizes, primarily as rings for the dangles and charms. They are so pretty and fun, though, I also threaded them onto my cord alongside the beads for added interest and movement. The exact twisted jumprings I bought from Fire Mountain Gems are here:

10mm Twisted Round Jump Rings, Silver Plated Brass

8mm Twisted Jump Rings, Silver Plated Brass


Powercord is a clear, stretchy beading cord. It comes available in different thicknesses (and is also available in colors). I used the .7mm size for this project. The exact spool I bought is here.

Flat Nose Pliers

These flat nose pliers from Fire Mountain Gems are a great value – they are nice quality and are less than $8. The exact pair I used for this project is here. If you have a second pair in your jewelry making toolbox, or you want to spring for two of this pair, that would be ideal. The best way to open and close jump rings requires two pliers.

Oh, and if you want to learn more about jewelry making tools, and which tools you need to get started making jewelry, be sure to check out my post all about jewelry making tools here. There you’ll find a link to my FREE printable shopping guide for buying the right jewelry making tools the first time!

Scissors or Wire Cutters

These are for cutting the powercord, so whatever you have around the house will work just fine.

Crimp Covers

These are for covering your knot so your knot is protected from breaking or untying. They look like a solid bead when closed so they also make your bracelet look professionally finished – important if you’ll be selling or gifting these stretch bracelets. We’ll talk about how to use them in this tutorial.

The exact ones I bought – 4mm Silver Plated Crimp Covers – are here.

Now that we have all of our materials, let’s get started!

DIY Anthropologie Style Stacking Bracelet Instructions


Before you get started making your bracelet, you’ll want to get your dangles and charms ready to use. Most of them will need a jump ring attached so they will hang nicely off of your bracelet.

I used the larger jump rings where I could, and used the smaller ones for charms that had smaller holes. The daggers and Swarovski charms shown above needed the thinner 8mm twisted jump rings.

Use the flat nose pliers to twist open the jump ring and then close it up again.

The charms had large bails that could fit the 10mm twisted jump rings, so I used those. They are made of very thick wire so I used two pairs of flat nosed pliers to twist them open and closed.

TIP: To use two pliers to open and close jump rings, you’ll want to hold the jump ring so the opening is straight up, at the 12:00 position on a clock face. Grip the left side of the jump ring with one pair of pliers, and the right side with another. Hold one hand firm and twist the wrist with the other pliers either forward or backward. Attach your charm, and repeat the same twisting motion in the opposite direction to close the jump ring.


Cut a 12 inch piece of powercord and start building your bracelet! (Don’t worry, your bracelet won’t be that long, but you’ll need some extra room when you are tying the knot.)

If you are worried about losing your beads off of your cord as you bead, you can tie a knot or put some tape on one end. You can also use a little spring called a Bead Stopper (shown above). Fire Mountain Gems has them here.

Add charms, tassels, dangles and decorative jump rings as you go. You can use as many or as few as you want. Try threading on an accent bead and then a jump ring or dangle. The ring dances around on top of the accent bead for a fun detail in your bracelet (look for the eye charm below to see this effect in action).

Keep stringing until you’re happy with the overall design. Measure your bracelet around your wrist and see if it’s right. The crimp cover will only add about a quarter inch to the length, so the bracelet should be slightly loose with just a tiny amount of slack in the cord.

TIP: I found that when the bracelet had 23 wood beads on it, it was the right size for me. You can use that as a guideline and figure out the best size for you.


Time to knot this bad boy. Okay. So here’s the deal with Powercord. It’s strong, and easy to use, but not so quick to knot (in my opinion). It will knot, though, if you knot it multiple times, so do that. Seriously. Knot it. Over and over. Like a bunch of times. (You know I’m always throwing out the technical jewelry making terms at you!)

I used a regular knot, but twisted the cord two or three times before knotting each time. So it amounted to about three triple knots, if that makes sense! You want the knot to be secure, but not so big that it won’t fit in the crimp cover. Practice with a scrap piece of Powercord if necessary to get the hang of it.

Don’t bother with trimming the cord ends, you’ll see what we will do with those next.


Time for the crimp cover. The crimp cover is C shaped, so place it around the knot, making sure the knot fits inside the cover.


Using your flat nose pliers, carefully squeeze the open halves of the crimp cover closed so the cover forms a bead shape. Be sure the cord is coming through the holes on the sides and isn’t going to get pinched in the gap where the cover is closing. If that happens, your cord will be severed and you’ll have to start over!

It may take a little gentle squeezing here and there to really form a nice round shape. Take your time with it!


Once your crimp cover is closed, thread the tail ends of your cord back into the beads. Go back through two or three beads, then trim the ends.

That’s it! Your DIY Anthropologie style stretch bracelet is complete! Now go make a bunch more of them. 🙂

DIY Anthropologie inspired wood bead stack bracelet

Oh hey, if you make these DIY Anthro style bracelets, would you PLEASE let me know in the comments? I love seeing what you make!

Want to see all of my beading tutorials? Click here to check them out!

For other great beading supplies and tools, be sure to check out my favorites here.

Until next time… and happy creating!

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DIY anthropologie style stack bracelets
DIY anthropologie style stretch bracelets

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